The Elevate Ventures 2020 Indiana Venture Report has shown positive trends for venture capital and startup growth in Indiana.

Elevate Ventures: “Venture capital deals in Indiana increased 19% in 2020 despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indiana generated 160 deals in 2020 compared to 134 in 2019. Most were in the pre-seed category of $500,000 or less, more than doubling to 100 from 46 in the prior year. The large increase in pre-seed indicates a surge in startups with potential to grow into significantly larger entrepreneurial success stories in years to come.”

The Velocities region has seen similar trends of growth. The region accounted for 13% of all startup deals in Indiana, despite having a total deal size of 2.5M, more than 300M less than the central region. This 2.5M is also more funding in one year than the region has seen in the last decade. The region offers a diverse lineup of funding and capital sources, from private member based groups like Flywheel Fund to ideation stage investments like the Community Ideation Fund to partners like IU Ventures. Entrepreneurs now have several funding opportunities to grow their startup or business in Bloomington and/or Columbus.

Read the full Elevate Ventures 2020 Indiana Venture Report here.

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