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Two dynamic Indiana cities have joined together to shift your business into high gear.



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The Mill of Bloomington and Columbus Chamber of Commerce have joined with Elevate Ventures to form Velocities—a partnership that provides a wealth of resources to entrepreneurs and early-stage companies. Starting and growing a business takes more than passion. It takes the support and resources that two of Indiana’s most inspiring and vibrant cities can offer. Let passion fuel your dreams. The partners of Velocities can provide funding, marketing support, business coaching, and professional resources to accelerate your success.
Dimension Mill Bloomington, IN

The Mill / Bloomington, IN

Located in the culturally dynamic city that is home to Indiana University, The Mill is 19,000 sq. ft. of coworking and incubator space. This new facility is at the heart of an infrastructure entrepreneurs need to become successful. Financially supported by the City of Bloomington, Redevelopment Commission, and community donors.

Columbus Chamber / Columbus, IN

Columbus consistently ranks in the Top 10 Best Performing Small Cities for High-Tech GDP and Job Growth. It is home to four corporate North American R & D Centers, and is one of 24 nationally recognized Talent Hubs. The Columbus Chamber works diligently to create and foster a regional business climate in which entrepreneurship thrives.

Columbus Chamber Indiana
Elevate Ventures

Elevate Ventures

Founded in 2011, Elevate Ventures believes that communities and regions across Indiana can achieve more when they make entrepreneurism part of their DNA. Elevate’s hybrid approach to business challenges is to be part venture capital fund, and part entrepreneurial partner, resulting in more successful outcomes.

Resources ready to accelerate your business forward.






Don’t grow it alone. Now, Velocities can provide the important support necessary to accelerate your business at any stage. Engage the resources vital for the cultivation and growth of your business. The innovation corridor that is Bloomington and Columbus provides a sustainable ecosystem where entrepreneurs can thrive and flourish. Contact a Velocities partner today.